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Posted by on 2012/01/23 under Uncategorized

It’s so f***ing unfair how things pan out soemtimes. In my fmaily I’m the youngest, but I somehow always end up being the one pushed tot he side. It’s ridiculous how my older sister can always get away with whatever she wants. Anythign she says goes, but my aprents don’t realize how f***ing unfair it is. Or maybe they do realize, and they just don’t care.
Like always, I got pushed aside today. She got what she wnated even though I had asked for it first. Even though it had been my dream to have it, she got it, not me.
I always get the s***ty end of the stick, always. And there’s nothign I canf reaking do about it. Nothing. why does it have to be like this?????

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