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Posted by on 2012/01/13 under Uncategorized

Well my life completely sucks at the moment. I understand their are people out there in worse situation but really… can one thing just go right for me… just once… My boyfriend is soo controlling its ridiculous but I don’t want to leave I’m having his kid. He gives me times to be home but when I ask when he’s coming home oh its just too much for me to ask. I can’t walk anywhere I want to go. I understand I’m prego… But I’m not that prego.. I’m only 2 months and the Dr. said walking was very good for me. He’s worried I’m just going to cheat on someone else… well I haven’t so I don’t understand why he’s so insecure about it. He yells at me constantly calling me names like whore dumb b**** crazy.. do you know how that effects me? It’s not in a good way. I’m very sensitive and I have horrible anxiety.. Can’t get a job because I don’t have a car. The only thing that’s in walking distance is Hardees and I’ve applied there numerous of times just to be shot down. We live with his parents at the moment and all he cares about is how hes going to get high for the day. It’s not right. I don’t do it at all but I can understand wanting to relax. At the same time we have more important things to worry about. A place to live food to eat because his parents won’t let us eat their food. So were constantly worrying on how were going to eat for the day. Luckily my grandma loves me and understands what I’m going through. I’m just tired. Mentally and physically tired. All I want to do is sleep. I’m so depressed at the way things have been going for me. It all started after I moved in with my friend instead of staying at my dads after graduating high school. Every thing has been going downhill. I want someone to talk to. I have no friends because I had to move here. Its hard not having anyone to talk to. I had to resort to this before I literally lost my last marble.

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