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i got crush on my classmate, he’s popular, rich, good looking guy, cool, some kinda type of guy that every girl wants it, but he’s so mean, he doesn’t give a f*** on anything happens around him, he thinks that he’s the coolest guy on earth, well maybe you’re sick to hear it, but seriously nobody can resist him, he’s so charming, and when he knows that there’s a girl who likes him
he will act like he likes that girl too, he gives a sign to her, and makes her fly away to the sky, but one day when the girl has reached the highest level of loving him, he will just leave the girl and act like he doesn’t even know her, and i guess you girl know exactly how it feels… well i’ve never felt that before btw :p

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Money, popularity, good looking, cool. None of these are reasons to love a person. This is not what every girl wants. Love is selflessness, closeness and understanding. Don’t think I’m being mean, One day you’ll now that this is true and you’ll find someone who cares about you, and that is all that matters.

  2. L-Bomb says:

    Honey, stay away from guys like this. You are only setting youself up to get hurt. I’ve dated guys like this, and they are worthless. Don’t let yourself stoop down to this level. You are better than that. He has a disgusting personality, and you do not want a guy like this. Trust me, don’t let him suck you into his filthy trap. Guys like this disturb me so much, and I hate it. It will all blow up in his face eventually for being this way towards girls. Its wrong, and karma is a b****! Stay strong girl, you are beautiful inside and out 🙂

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