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Everyone says “Why are you sad?” And i always reply “how can you tell” then they answer “The Pain in your eyes.”
the pain in my eyes? what about the pain in my heart??? My eyes only let you see my heart but you say you can tell from my eyes, i hate my eyes, I hate me and my worthless life, i hate how i was close to ending it when that damn brother of mine punched me out, i hate fighting with him, we get so into it fists, kicking, throughing hard objects at each other, i broke alot of my bones from him, and he broke a finger from me, i went easy he wacked at me like i was a piniata, my skull my arm both legs, he broke them all, but i dont think those are half as bad as how, not only him but myself broke my heart, nobody can see the real pain that i feel, Not even through my eyes like they say. Me and my brother tryed to kill each other for no reason, others tryed to kill us by burning us alive when we were asleep, then they stoke to our new house planning to do it again since they never got caught for the first time but i saw, that wasnt good enough though, and so we move to a place with trails and trees but i dont care because… i loved the house we had before, my brother and i gave up there, i had friends that cared lot there, i had a beautiful place to walk around alone there, EVERYTHING i wanted… but they took it away. The pain in my eyes becomes heart breaking to my friends, they say my eyes are going so dull that its disturbing, nothing but a blue blur and my heart being nothing but a stone that cant even pump itself without help… nothing but a wish for mercy, a wish to die…
Death Wish

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