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I love him but no i don’t. We are perfectly fine one week …everything i ever want and then the next its gone. what happened? what goes through his mind!? why is it ok to ignore me after everything we have been through..what can i do to make everything ok?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You cant do anything because you can not read his mind. You must speak to him, I know how difficult it is to show tht you are vulnerable but whats worse? hurting inside or showing that you are weak. Who isnt? I told the person i felt for that i wanted to be with him and he told me that all he wanted was to be ‘friends with benefits’ ..what could hurt as much as that? He clearly doesnt love me, doesnt care. But atleast now i know.. what he wanted all along. I know he physically desires me and always will. I always will too. But thats not love. I told him to do me a favour and dissapear. He said he couldnt for some reason. He asked me if i knew. I told him he’d know why he couldnt dissapear. In reality, none of us can get out of this. Thats why i beleive truely we do love one another. Its lifes circumstances. Religion is his excuse. But i know, hes just being a guy. When really one day he’l regret everything, but me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So do yourself a favour.. And find out.

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