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What would compel a human being to lay their hands on someone else?
I don’t understand what I did to deserve these bruises.
Okay, maybe I was a little harsh in the way I told him to stop talking to me, but it doesn’t give him the right to touch me.
You don’t touch anyone, I don’t care WHAT they did to you.
I shouldn’t let this bother me so much.
He’s obviously the dumbest piece of s*** on this planet; so why does it bug me?
Because I thought he was my friend.
I thought I could confide in this guy, and tell him everything that was bothering me.
My parents gave it to me straight; “honey, he’s not your friend like you think.”
It’s not saying a lot, but in a way, it’s saying so much.
He has never done anything nice for me, and he’s always stabbing me in the back.
I don’t know how I keep forgiving him this way.
Ugh, I just don’t need this bulls***.

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