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1) i made the biggest regret of my life on the 13th of july 2010, and i cant talk to anyone about it cause noone understands how i feel
2)after a bad break up i no longer allow myself to get close to guys, no matter how much i like them
3) i feel inferior to everyone else, and get embarrassed talking to people because everything i say is s***, and i cant make conversation as well as others
4) i hate my weight, my skin and the way i cant just be myself
5) i literally have no energy and if i could i would lie in bed all day and just let the world go on without me,
6) i dont feel good enough to live in this world, and also…
7) the world we live in today is not worth living in, crime, recessions, and basically the government make lives a living hell
8) i just want to start life again, or better yet, stop living.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you don’t need acceptance from anyone. There is going to be someone who likes you for who you are i promise. we are like one big puzzle piece and everyone has someone that fits with them. Have hope and just be true to yourself, otherwise nothing else can go right.
    Here I write about how i changed from being deeply depressed to being happy sometimes, and content almost all the time.. it was a big change for me.

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