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Ok, so I told her how i feel and she understood, I’m so relieved because even though the feelings aren’t returned I feel better now. she is such a wonderful person who actually cares even though she may not have feelings for me. The last girl I loved stoped talking to me when I told her about it and didn’t want to be my friend any more.

But even though I’m happy that I told her and that I found out that she actually don’t really think of the guy as anything more than a good friend, I feel empty. I know why I feel this way because tomorrow will be the last time I see her in three months, she’s of to england with alot of my other friends and I am going to miss them so much. I’ve only known them for 5 months but they’ve been there when things felt heavy, and now they’ll all be gone. Is there any hope for me?..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Of course there is hope. I am sorry that she does not feel the same way because you seem like an amazing person and she is really missing out on things. That’s the thing with most girls: they fall for jerks. As a girl myself, I would never do such a thing. If someone told me their feelings for me, I would most likely fall for them back. Sometimes it is best just to move on because there is someone better out there. Someone who will love you right back. Do not chase this girl because I do not want your heart broken.

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