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Posted by on 2011/12/15 under Uncategorized

Its been a while since I last wrote and well nothing has changed… Went on a girls weekend away and I messaged you and to my surprise you messaged back… over that weekend we had quite a bit of correspondence…. The most in a long time but now guess what…. yes you have stopped talking to me… oh shock horror like that is something new….. grrrrrrrrrrrrr……. we had a good chat about you going away for the night for your brothers 25 birthday… about how you dont have a girlfriend anymore (now that got my attention quick smart) I did ask if there was room for me seems as though you were single and you said maybe…. bahhahaahha what a joke…. you do my friggin head in boy…. You give out these signals that say full steam ahead then you slam on the brakes and disappear…. although I did manage to get a pic out of you 😉 lol…… God boy pls just talk to me… I am having so much trouble coming to grips with the on again off again bulls***e…… but this is christmas number 5 where you have been there and I am here and we are alone…. Wish I knew what I could post you for a christmas gift….. I want to give you the world but i am afraid that its not what you want …. well not from me anyway….. love you forever Daniel <3

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