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Posted by on 2011/12/15 under Uncategorized

I have a boyfriend who broke with me after a 5 month relationship because after a party he had feelings for another girl, we were 2 weeks apart, i never got over him, and apparently he either, so as we were so in love again we got back together, and we have been happy by now, the problem now is that back in the 5 months lots of girls wanted him too, of course he didn’t pay attention to them, just talked to them as friends, i mean, it’s ok if he has friends, i was a little jealous but nothing to worry about, he knew that but didn’t stopped talking to them, that was ok too, but i’ve never stopped those feelings until now that i’ve already lost him and gotten him back, he likes a lot of this girl’s posts, pictures… etc. But by now, after we’re back together again, i stopped caring if he does those things or not, i really, really love him, i don’t want to breakup again, really, i don’t know what to do now.

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