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You know, i dont get it! Any of it! So many questions, so many thoughts. I hate looking in the mirror, and seeing what i look ike, i hate being alone, something is wrong with me, why else would i cry myself to sleep everynight!?? I constantly feel like someting is missing, but i dont know what. Being happy seems to be a rare occurance in my life. I pretty much hate everything, and i hate everyone for not being able to help. Some days i cant even get out of bed because im so sad, BUT I DONT KNOW WHY! I feel like being alone is the best thing for me i guess…i cry so much, im so emotional, the littlest things just make me break down. I hate going to school and seeing how much evil is truly in this world, its scary! People say look to God for guidnace, well where the hell has this “God” been everynight when im crying, everynight when im cutting my wrists, everynight when im contimplating suicide. If god is real then why does he put me through all this s***, and if hes real then why is the world so f***ed up!! I cant stand seeing what this world is, its like im a prisoner in my own life… the only way out?? Death..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a sensible soul. don’t let the bad side of the world bring you down, focus on the good things life has to offer like music, art, nature, and let them inspire you. Most of the problems out there can’t be solved by just one person and are not your fault so don’t waste tears and feel bad about them. You are special, one of a kind like an entire universe waiting to be discovered and to experience new things. You are much loved believe me. I wish you all the best!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    My personal opinion is that there is a God inside everyone. And you have the power and the strength right there inside you. You can push through this. But cutting and considering suicide is not the answer. Life is so amazing. And I find it so selfish to kill yourself when just being put on this earth is such a miracle. Live for all those people who died in tragedy. Enjoy every single day life has to offer. People are there for you, you are here, and you are breathing. What more could you ask for? .X

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