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y does he always make dumb comments about everything….he always makes me feel dum, thats why i dont share my ideas often/…. he says he loves me but for some reason he always manages to make me feel less… one day he told me that im ok but i can be “better” i just needed some maturing to do… then he even had the nerve to say that he has some flaws but he thought of himself as better because it wasnt as many flaws as i had.. wth was he trying to say ?? then he is always talking about himself and how girls always like him at work and stuff that he cant have any girl friends because they all start to like him WTH!!!!! what do i care the one person he has to be sweet to and nice and at least make her feel ok sometimes not tell her everything wrong she does… today i made sure to clean the apt was clean before i left bc that was one of our big issues from this weekend…so i called him from my parents to tell him were i was at then he asked me if i had clean i said yes then hes said well behind the toilet is pretty bad. OMG so im sorry i cant go anywhere now till its completely clean ???? and there i go again just feeling like i dont do anything quiet right.. y cant i please him just a little .. idk what to do it just seems like i am not capable of anything .. i cant wait for school to start for real. that way i got something else to focus on… im afraid of leaving i dont know if i want to or not… what if he is the one im suppose to be with and im messing it all up. he loves me i know he does he can be so sweet sometimes but sometimes he can say the rudest things ever and think its funny, see at first i would think the same but now its like he wont stop. he also makes me feel bad everytime he reminds me how i didnt hesitate on taking him to bed after 2 weeks of knowing him… i know its really bad but i had had any in over 6 months … well he is always remingding me of that and the way he says it just makes me feel bad. idk he says that he would die without me and that im not going anywhere but if he really feels that way y am i not happy with him ??????? i need help i need a sign of what to do please god help me …..

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