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Posted by on 2011/11/29 under Uncategorized

i love you with all my heart. Everyday i wake up thinking about you. but like its killing me that we cant be together i know i f***ed up before but i need you.
i cant sleep without you. without knowing your mine. you say you love me and that you wanna be with me but you wont. i cant tell if like your being real about this or not. i want a second chance. not being with you is why im so f***ed up you were the only thing that could make me happy before. you still are. everytime we kiss i fall for you harder and harder. i cant. not if your gonna shoot me down. you said it was a 30% chance youd say no. that 30% is the 30% of my life that i have. you dont realize how much you affect me. your all i have and i never wanna lose you again. ive lost you once im not gonna do it again. you dont trust me. you dont believe the things i tell you. and honestly i just wanna die. i love you forever.

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