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I’m having a mental block…I had my both my parents around when I was younger, but I remember only a few things of me and my Father.My parents always had a hard time getting by, and my Dad had to work quite a bit to support us. My parents had some problems, with drugs and what not, My Dad had an alchohol problem and my Mother had a drug problem for a while, This was when I was about 5 until I was about almost 7. But my Dad always managed to put a roof over my head and food on the table even though it was hard. When I was about 6 and a half my parents couldnt pay the power bill and they were arguing alot. My Mother sent me and my 2 brothers and 1 sister to my grandmothers for about 3 months well everything and body got straighened out. When we came back my Dad was gone. That was when my parents had split up. And my Mom already had a new boyfriend, wich was my Dads old so called “bestfriend” his name was Harley. And I knew him really well beause as I mentioned he was my dads best friend and he was around alot. A few days after I came home my Dad came to my house and he wouldnt come inside so we went a hung out in the front yard for a few minutes, when my Dad was leaving he took me and said I wont see you for a while, Daddies going farr away for a little while, and that he loved me and he was sorry for what happened. I was little so I didnt know about the drugs or anything then. After that we moved into a different house with my Mom and Harley. About 4 months later my Mom told me and my siblings that she was pregnant, she was 5 months along.And I must mention that at the time she was 34 and harley was 19 (yes I know he was young) When my Mom was 8 months pregnant she had to go to the hospital because something was wrong. The Baby had dropped lower, or something to do with the plesenta falling out. So me and my 1 brother went to my grandmas ( Becaus me and him were youngest)While I was gone and my mom was in the hospital, Harley took advantage of my 13 year old sister ( It wasn’t rape or anything because I knew she always did want to have sex with him, but it was wrong anyway)When I got back My Mom was home but then I left for summer vacation with my other grandparents, we went to B.C to sicamous to see my uncle and cousins. The day before we left to go home, we got a call saying that my Mom had the baby, it was a boy. They named him jimmie. The relaionship with my Mom and Harley didn#t llast to long after that, we got evicted from our house. So me my mom and siblings went nd lived with my grandma for 10 days while harley looked for a new house. When we movedd into the new house the relationship ended a few months after that but we all still lived with him. When he finally left we all moved into a different house with just my mom, and the drug problem came back. At that time I was 11. And I knew what was happening. I found my Moms drugs one day I was terrified but she covered it up with something else. We went away for summer vacation again, but since we had a little brother onl 2 of us could go at a time so me and y oldest brother went while my 2 other brothers and sister stayed home. While I was gone I heard my grandpa talking on the phone about my Mom and Sister beth ( who was 15) got into a fist fight. And then a few days later I heard my grandpa talking on the phone again and he was saying that the police went to my house and now my brother and 2 year old brother went to LIVE with my grandma. And My sister went to stay at my aunts house where my Dad was staying because he came back to help when all this happened. When me and my brother got back we went and lived with my grandma too. For a year. During that year I went to school in a small town and had amny friends… I loved it there. But nobody else did. My Mom went to rehab and came and visited sometimes. My grandmas house was 2 hours away from the city where my mom lived(Calgary) And my grandma lived in Rocky Mtn house. At the end of that year Me and my Brother logan and my brother jimmie went and lived with my mom again. And My brother London and my Sister Beth went and lived with My dad. Living with my Mom was okay for a while but then I had suspisions that she was doing drugs again soo I just ignored them. The life style she had in her house was to hectic for me. S o I went and Lived with my Dad. Ever since then I have had a good life. Even though my Dad wasnt around in my life for 6 years, he is around now,So thats why I am writing this, I didnt have a good life when my Dad left so I thouht it was his fault so I resented him, But now I know it was not.But he thinks that it was his fault that all of hat happened. And I just needed to vent it all out. By the way I am only 13 now. I still have some problems now, butt I know how to deal with then now. And I mostley am writing this,,, because I dont remember much with my dad fom the few years he was there. And I wish I did.

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  1. Parsa says:

    aww i readed all ur story and yes it was hard
    dont think i cant understand ur feelings ,becouse my parents leaved eachother when i had 5year old and now im 22 year!
    i really understand ur feelings and dont worry ur life isnt mental ,if urs is ,then for alot of other peoples also is, like me right ?
    please dont get unhappy ,dont think its end of bad life ,if we could talk together i would tell you how hard days i passed too for my damny hatefull dad ,but at this moment its you important ,remember this always ,live is sweet but if we cant sense it as good as we wish its becouse still its not in our hands ! i promiss you that after some more years when u get around 18 year old you will get it , you will understand that live get sweet more and more when we get around 18year old ( even sooner !) so please for me that care about you stay a good human ,do true things , try to talk with god to feel better , and even if u wanted i really will be happy to talk with you anytime u feel sad or unhappy of somethings or when you are confuse to what to do ,then if u send me mail i will try my best to help you to find best way for your live as like your best friend 🙂
    i really understood your feelings
    my mail is here if u wanted contact me as your friend 🙂
    <a href="mailto:[email protected]" >[email protected]

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