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Posted by on 2011/11/22 under Uncategorized

Well i hope I have not done too much damage… I drank a little bit too much the other night and sent you messages that i normally wouldnt…i guess if i am honest that they were messages of my true feelings…. you only replied the once and that reply was your normal typical basic reply consisting of not much….I wonder if your up here painting lines…. I saw some of your co workers today marking up ready to paint so wonder if that will be you… I hope so… would love to come up there and see you but lack courage…… wonder if your my new love that i was told about?????? I sure hope so…. oh well time will tell and i guess its up to us to take the steps necessary to find this out…If i sleep with you would this be a good thing or bad…. Oh god I have no idea……so confused…. ILY Daniel

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