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Posted by on 2011/11/01 under Uncategorized

It just doesn’t feel the same you know, when someone that meant so much to you has moved on and you’re just left behind with sorrow, mistakes, memories and regrets. But it’s also kind of fulfilling, the happiness that’s left deep deep deep inside you knowing you haven’t lost the person completely. Honestly? I miss the us, I don’t know if maybe I just miss the idea of us but one thing I know forsure is I care. Maybe less, or maybe more than I did before.. but the feelings are still there inside me, just dying, crying, bursting to get out. It’s not gonna happen, some things are better left unspoken, better left un said, and just kept inside you. Even though you’ll have to live with the un resolved feelings, it doesn’t mind, I don’t mind, I rather live with that feeling than, facing regection by admitting my darkest most absolute deepest feelings to you. Well good bye, this is as close as you’ll ever get to knowing, and chances are… you’ll never ever ever read this.

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