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Posted by on 2011/10/26 under Uncategorized

well surprise surprise you met up with me this morning….. I got to where you are staying and i waited a couple of minutes and you came over and we talked for 15 mins before you had to leave for breakfast… It was just general chit chat nothing too exciting lol….. bit hard when your sitting in the middle of a car park in the morning and there are no cars about and your car is pretty obvious so blending in is out of the question…. Just seeing you was amazing…. I asked for a kiss good bye but you said no that it wouldnt be right and i said i needed something to last me the day and you said “seeing me should be enough” i said yes you have no idea how much i like what i see….. but i still wanted a kiss and still didnt get….you dont even have my number in your phone because of her…wtf…. you under the thumb or what….. when you were about to leave i asked why are you with her if your not happy… you started to walk off then turned around and said dont stopped yourself short and kept walking….. help me understand pls…oh Daniel where will all this end…. where and when…. I dont want it too but it will and thats going to hurt like hell…. who am i kidding it already hurts like hell…….

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