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This is a message to YOU. You there, reading this – yes, you. Not someone else. YOU.
I want you to know, whoever you are, that you are beautiful, inside and out. You are unique, and that is exactly what makes you perfect. And one more thing that I can promise you is true – you are loved. You are loved by me, and by the world; by your friends and by your family. You are cared for, and not just by people whose only wish is that you carry on breathing – these people want you to be HAPPY. I want you to promise me that you’ll get through tomorrow.

And the next tomorrow.

And the one after that – but only one at a time. Remember happiness, and do everything you can to reach out towards it.

Remember that asking for help does not make you an attention seeker; it does not make you weak; it does not make you crazy. It makes you completely normal; asking for help is all we can do when everything is piling up so badly, and being able to talk to someone else means that you are so very strong. Keep holding on. Love, and care; be loved, and be cared for.


2 thoughts on “23-10-11(23:30:28)

  1. Anonymous says:

    that was helpful but i can’t simple…and i think i would never simple again.

  2. Original Poster says:

    You will smile again. I promise. Just keep holding on until that day – look forward to it, though you don’t know when it will be, and when it comes, embrace it.

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