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I never really thought of my self as an emotional person but iam and i cannot help that lately ive been feeling so insicure about myself i dont know why i dont think im an ugly girl but i look at others and then start to think that the feeling izz horrable dont get me rong i have felt this before but for some reason today and other times its really getting to me and not in a good way i feel as if iam going depressed and its not just about looks its about personality ive always considerered myself as haveing tons of that but i really dont know whats rong with me this feeling is getting worser everyday like i hate it im so despreat im serching on google why do i feel as if im ugly and other things besides that i really havent meet anyone going threw the same thing as me its not just about that like when i look at the mirrior one day i have this nice body im thin and then the next day im this ugly flat ass girl i really hate it i know im a teen and its normal to feel these searten things but its going to the point were i feel as if i dont belong in this world as if iam some sort of alian like dont get me romg i have tons of friend a good social life guys do think im hot but i know its not just me i just belive in my heart that as stupid as it sounds lost my mojo like before so many guys likes me and i had tons of attention now ive lost a few of my friends and the facatof me not haveing a cellphone makes me feel so out of place in my social life kinda like a losser like if a guy or a friend asks for my number i cant give it because i dont have a cell like i dont know if anyone knows how it feels like to be so out of place sometimes i go completley depressed and just start crying because i feel as if im never going to get a bf or have true friends or have a beautiful romantic thing happen to me ever i know its stupid to say this but sometimes i wish i could just be like every other girl with a cellphone loveing parents perfect body and a bf like i know it sounds shallow but thats just how i feel sure i belive in uniqueness but i dont feel as if im unique or anything and as stupid as this maybe i do have an thin body but i dont have enough boobs OMG … there i go again being insicure i just wish someone out threre could rescue me from this and im deadly serious im really insicure i actually am getting a lil terry eyed and if people read this im not a drama queen i just really sad and i dont have my mom to turn to or my dad so i guess im saying i need more attention my mom and dad are divorced and my mom always be a complet syco path sometimes i also belive its her fault for the way im feeling it would be nice if one day she could just be like i love you and your beautifuli have never ever heard those words once from her my dad does say that to me like in cards and inperson aswell but sometimes its hard to belive because there divorced and he has a new lil boy wo i love dearly hes my step bro but before he used to take me for the full weekend now its onily a saturday and straght of in the mourning and i have asked my cousin who stys there often when he drops me of what do u guys do she say: nothing just chill i dont now why he dosent let u chill longer …. and shes a veary honest loyal cousien which makes me belives im just someone he has to get over and done with and the love is slowely faiding whyy it would be nice to have have a family like when i was 4 that was good but i also blame you mom for cheating on him and reuining everything i guess i just feel as if iam a cry for help…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Never give up hope. Find strength in what other people consider to be weakness. The thing to remember in some situations is that we have been given a difficult decision to make. We can cry, and let it get us down, and change to fit society’s standards, or we can embrace or we are, and use this negative aspect of like to the best of our advantages.

    People like us, that go through hardships, can become stronger people. Know this though, you are never alone. Somewhere in the world, there’s someone like you. Someone wishing to meet you, someone that understands how he/she feels. You sounds so legit, and not a bit fake, and someone will see that, and when they do, you’ll never regret anything that has happened, because when that happiness finally comes, it’s all the sad moments that brought you to it.

    I wish you the best.


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