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While we were dancing, his hands were all over…at first they were just on my hips, and mine on his shoulders, but then he’d sort of…guide my hips and how I moved, then it progressed to stroking my arms, touching the back of my neck and whispering that I was gorgeous into my ear. He’d lay his face on my shoulder and I wondered if he kissed my neck. I couldn’t tell. Then there was the grinding where he flipped me around with my back to him. He’d start at my thighs and slide up to my hips, but just a milometer lower, it seemed. Then he’d put a hand on the side of my chest and slide down my torso. When we slow danced, he’d hold me tight and stroke my back. Now, I’m dating someone else, but I was astounded at how detached I was when he did this. I needed that contact, I guess.

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