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Posted by on 2011/10/14 under Uncategorized

You’re really leaving in a year… off to those adventures I know you’ll have. I know some small part of you wants to stay, but I know that you really are supposed to go off somewhere like that. You’re much bigger and better than me, this college, and this tiny, depressing, trapping town that I’ll be stuck in for a few more years than you.
Maybe its true, that if its supposed to be they’ll come back to you. But how long do I wait? Will you wait? Will you even want to come back to me?
There are people you will meet that are more in your league, people that do those amazing things you do that I can’t. I have the realistic fear that you’ll end up with somebody else.
You’ll be leaving, and it’s going to hurt me so f***ing bad. But you’re beautiful. And I love you. And I’m unlucky, because the one person I think it could work out with and who I want to help achieve dreams with, has the one dream that requires them to be absent from my side.
And that makes me lost. Unlucky, lost, loved and… well, f***ed.

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