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Well let me start of saying people seem to dought love these days and say that it dosent exist or it dosent last long or that i love him even if he cheated on me or i will love him forever i cant say i belive that loves forever but i cannot dought that it isent because in every person thers a heart and a mind and emotions and thers the emotion of sadness guilt happynes and theres love love is apart of each human beans emotins not just in people but in everything love is in animals in art in side most of all its inside of you no one can ever say who you love thats onily for you to know and you ask how will i know i cant really saybecause everyone has there own way of feeling things everyone has there own brain and there own emotions but i belive that love is opening the door for the one u care for azz corny azz it sounds or feeding your dog everyday or giveing your kids that kiss at night every ni day i belive that love is spending each and everyday with that person or sacraficeing something for them i belive that love is singing and danceing and knowing in your heart that she or he is the one for you i belive that love is a feeling you feel when you know with no prescentage infinity and beyound that you truly will care and be there for them i belive love is in every person no matter what they have done every person has love its just some get it sooner than others but dont ever think you will never find him or her because you will if you truly are trying to love has it momments it can fool wit your heart but you will know when its not because love is something you just feel and know like i mean you truly know and you have noo doughts atall love is a smile on your face when your proud of him or her love is forgiveing thos whom have hurt you and just move on love is that feeling in your heart when u knoww u have meet someone right love is cleaning the dishes and doing something to help love is being honest with yourself and most of all love is knowing when your happy with him or her and willing to spend each and eveary day with that person…..well people if you read this hope it makes sence because i dident put no peroids or anything i just rote out of my heart and if theres spelling mistakes sorry because i know theres probley tons im not really a righter but i tried!!!! and btw please read slowely better to undertand.

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