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I messaged you Friday it had all been too long since I had heard from you…. I said….. So… you still talking to me or what! You said….wat…. so typical of you…. I said….Been 3 months since you last spoke. Thought I must have done something wrong or you had a girlfriend…. you said… girlfriend talk soon….. I said…ok look forward to chatting….well lets wait and see how long it takes you to “talk” to me….Even though it was only a brief chat it still made me happy and feel good… I just wanted to ask so is it HAVE or HAD girlfriend…. Then today I face book stalked lol and there is a pic of the girl i am pretty sure your dating with a pic of her and another guy… OMG i hope it saying what i hope its saying…..I so want you.. I want to have a go and see what can become of us…..I love you Daniel… Wish you could see and understand what I am feeling… Wish you knew about this site and my writings to you……Its not that I am chicken to say these things to you cause I am not but I just never get the chance to say all of what I am feeling and sometimes its so much easier to put it in writing rather than trying to find the words at the time…. But at least I know I have told you I love you… That I made sure of….. <3

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