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my house is chaotic, it always has been, but lately its just become unbearable. im 16 and i live with my parents, my 18 year old brother, whos off at college right now, my 23 year old sister and her 2 year old son, and my 26 years old brother and his 6 years old son. my house is crowded, noisy and i cant even get three seconds of peacefulness. and my parents are the kind that can never say no so the 23 has her boyfriend, and father of her child, over to eat dinner and the 26 year old has his two or three friends over constantly to eat. and although my parents fight with them, or at least try to, they always just give up. now ive been dealing with kids everyday since i was 11, more than any aunt should have to, and i have given up so much. but nobody even realizes this. and now it just feels like im slipping through the crack, like im just being forgotten and even though i should be the only child my parents are actually responsible for im turning out to be the only one they’re not. i know it sounds very simple or like i wanna be praised but i dont. i just wanna be SEEN. listened to everyone in a while because they really dont listen to me at all and they constantly admit it. i just want to feel like im just as important to them as their grand kids are and even though i know they do love me, they just dont show it at all and it just makes me feel so isolated and never good enough…

its not fun constantly coming in last; always feeling like your best isnt good enough.

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  1. Parsa says:

    i did read your story…
    the way you are feeling is lonely and few jealous and its okey ,its not a jealous feel as bad type its becouse u wish to recive same attention other got.
    look let me tell you a secret ,i know its few sad but its truth ,do this and then for much chance u will get the attention you need and you are deserve too !
    listten calmy :
    your parents really love you and they care about you ,when you are sick they get worry even if they dont show it ,in their inside they are worry for you cause they are parents
    but why your not their favo child or something like that ?
    becouse you dont do something for enophe !
    what is it ? its attracting your parents to you !
    if you do attract your parents they will notic at you more than before and even maybe you become their favorite child !
    but how you can attract ur parents ?
    look your problem can get fix but you must to not be lazy and if you wanna get attention so put some attention too
    you must do things or get things that by them ur parents will love you !
    i make sample for you
    if your parents always want you to study for more
    then study that much u can and so after few month u will see u got best graves and also ur parents attention
    do thigns your parents will love you
    help ur parents
    when ur dad is doing smth go urself and try to help him ( even if ur help is nothing but they will notic that u was trying help ! 🙂
    when ur mom is washing dishes go few help her
    look im sure untill now u got what i mean and u got that how u can recive thoes attentions u need
    if you feel you are deserve to this attention, then you must show it by working on it !
    so start right now and make ur parents love you more than other 🙂

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