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Posted by on 2013/05/15 under Uncategorized

F*** you, you ain’t my b****. F*** you goodbye. You supposed to be my best friend not my b****. I’m not finna beg you to stay around. I don’t care I don’t even need my b****. F*** her sorry low life ass to. Broke ass b****. I swear f*** yo ugly low life stealing cousin. That robbed old white people. Dumb ass. I wish his ass was still in jail. Wish I could be able to report to his ERS. And tell he been smoking weed, and drinking. Ugly broke ass. Dayum, I’m tired of everybody. Really about ready, to just say f*** everything and leave. I wish I had some money cause if I did, I sure the hell wouldn’t be here. I hate that b****. Low life ass nobodies!

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