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Here’s your poem. Sorry it took so long…

I admire him from afar
His mind is a bottomless pit
Always thinking, wondering, wishing upon a star
He dreams of space
Little does he know
The universe is inside of his own heart

His most horrific nightmare is himself
He is his own worst enemy
I hope one day he might be content with who he is
Because who he is
Is quite exquisite and wholesome
His personality may be down-to-earth
But his head is above the clouds

He tends to lie awake at night
His brain is too stuffed of thoughts and ideas and plans
His head may be a cluttered mess
Like a midnight sky with stars scattered about
But his heart is in the right place
While his nose is in a book

Your mysterious anonymous.

PS: You’re awesome, Pat. Please remember that at least one person thinks that.

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