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Posted by on 2013/05/06 under Uncategorized

I’m angry at you. I’m pissed actually. Did I ever mean anything to u? I just wanna know the truth. Were u just lying when u told me u loved me? Were u lying when u said u cared a Lot abt me? Were all those just fake promises that u will always be there for me when I need someone? Well I desperately need a shoulder to cry on right now and a person to give me a tight hug and tell me it’s all gonna be okay. And in the time of need, u r gone. U r just f***ing ignoring me. U r pretending I don’t even exist, and that I never existed and tht u don’t know who I am. I guess I must not be good enough for u to care abt me. Not even good enough for u to miss me. F***. I thought I was good enough, but I guess not 🙁 sucks tht I still love u so much, f*** my life. I am pissed at u. I thought I deserve better than how u r treating me. I guess not 🙁 sucks that I miss u so much, and u have moved on and don’t even think abt me anymore. U haven’t talked to me in 2 weeks now, which feels really bad to me. One day u will realize what u had, and then u will regret ur decision, u will greatly regret it. But u should know it might be too late then, so make sure u decide fast babe.

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