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Posted by on 2013/04/28 under Uncategorized

I’ve been thinking , why do i deserve this? i am a good, no great daughter yet my parents mentally abuse me, and then im a good friend but they talk behind my back. I didn’t do anything wrong but to please people yet i’m still hated. So stressed out and i just want to run away and leave forever. I wanted to try meth, or cocaine but then they do have a reason to hate me, why is life so difficult? my mom tells me im gonna end up alone but is that such a bad thing? I mean alone from my family is heaven to me which i know im not getting into. God does not like me cause everything that can be stressful and everything just turns for the worse not the better, maybe i think too much but if i had a true one friend that would let me live with them i would leave, because i cant take all the stress and responsibilities that fall on me.

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