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Posted by on 2013/04/28 under Uncategorized

I grew up with an idea of love. Every breath you take, when you meet the one,becomes your reason for living. When I found out I was gay, I craved love more then ever. I was under the illusion that because being gay was forbidden, finding the one would be one of the purest forms of love, because you found your other half, the one that completes you, you don’t need anything else. Being in love, to me was the most beautiful form of bliss, to kiss, to make love, to have sex, to spend hours talking about nothing and yet everything.

My gay world has shown to me that monogamy is not existent. Even in a five year relationship, I feel alone. I found out he was cheating on me since the beginning. I love him and I can’t leave him, because I need him and he says he needs me to. Everyone tells me that a happy relationship is an open relationship and I’m buying it. Open relationships,for me, are just a selfish reason to sleep with other people because you are not being satisfied sexually, I believe that is the moment when love ends.

I have an idea of love, am I wrong? am I alone? Is being Gay really just about sex? I feel like I’m an outcast…

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