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Ohhhh My God. Somewhere i can just put everything out there. I have been wanting to talk to somebody. Ugh. Well, Where to start? Im always feeling like im not good enough for anybody. Yeah a lot of people tell me they want to be me, Want to be as pretty as me. But i don’t think im good enough for anybody. I only have 2 REAL bestfriends. The rest just act like there my friends. A lot of you guys probably have the same thing. Thats all life is, Is full of fake ass b****es. Well, I never feel like im good enough. I have this crush of mine… And i liked him a lot. But he told me that he had to worry about baseball and he “Really liked me” But he had to think about baseball and he would never have time for me. But i didnt understand all that i was confused. Than my bestfriends ex boifriend now.. Said the same thing. So my old crush was talking to my bestfriend. And now her ex boifriend is trying to talk to me and than there is this other guy who i have liked for a long time and there actually all brothers. Well my crush and the boi that i like a lot are brothers. Well the brother asked me to text when i was talking to his brother and i told him no. But now he asked to text and i did. I really like him i just dont want to get played or end up getting hurt. I really like him and i always have. And now i used to be left out of my family circle, Yeah. I cant do this. Crying…. I Just need somebody to talk to.

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