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I feel sad and it hurts but I don’t no why I am sad. I have nice friends but one friend is not nice but we are trying to help her with her issues. I have a good home life to. I am just typing this so I can at least write down how I am feeling. I sometimes feel happy and sad at the same time. I wounder why I feel so sad. If you have any idea why I feel sad then please do make a comment. I feel lonely to but I am almost all ways surrounded by people. one time I told one of my friends I was sad and she said that I had no reason to be sad and that she has bigger problems than me so I have a less right to be sad than her. It hurt when she said that. thank you for reading.

One thought on “I feel sad

  1. Anonymous says:

    I understand what you feel. I feel sad sometimes and I honestly have no clue why I should. I figured it out after sometime that I felt sad because I feel that good things don’t last and I was always scared of something bad that was going to happen soon. I clearly overthink things. Give it some deep thought and time and you will eventually figure it out. 🙂

    And what your friend said was absolutely wrong, no ones problems are bigger than others, ones own problems are the biggest thing. Hopefully you feel better soon 😀

    And being surrounded by people only makes you less lonely physically, not emotionally. its like quantity vs quality, having one great best friend is better than having 100 fake friends.

    Good luck 😀 and hope you have an amazing life ahead.

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