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i want to be free, live my own life, do something stupid. I think that everyone is living the same? you know, people get in school, they read, and they graduate. And after that they will raise a family, get a job have a dog, and a nice house. I really dont wish that ill live like that. I just want to do something unexpected in life. i dont want to live the “american dream” or something else. its always ending up like a traditionel life. Maybe in 10 years i’ll end up in london, and live like a hobo. I just want to decide what to do. I feel like life is a test, and god is testing you. But how do you know that everybody does it right? who knows, i just want to something different. Something nobody had expected. I dont know. Do you feel like this? … or am i the only one?

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  1. Universique says:

    Haie. Just wanted to comment back to say that you’re not the only one ^-^ I’m actually a “nerdy” girl. I do what I have to in school, but I do that just so I can get away from everyone and do something… AMAZING. I mean, I wanna travel and see the world… So something nobody’s done before. My main goal is to make people smile ^-^

    You’re never alone in this world <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks though. That is a great goal in life. I just want to appreciate every single thing that comes up in life, so I want it all come unexpectedly … But i think its great that you are different! 😛

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is fun to be unique. I like those people are not the “cookie-cutter” type in life. Do what you love, follow a passion and a goal. Standing out is always better than fitting in. I like to stand out with fashion. I do a lot of crazy things and follow a lot of fun trends from the runway and I get good feed back! People compliment me and ask me how I am able to enjoy life so much. I tell them that I am doing what I love, and getting happier every single day. Just do what you like to do. Good Luck .xx

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