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i am 15 and well at home and at school i have no one i do have friends but not going out to places with just always alone at home my family make me feel like im just an idiot and not good at anything they laugh at me look at me and laugh in my room its empty nothing great about it all the things you need a bed and a tv thats all no colors.i am depressed a lot but dont tell anyone cause im just a shy i had these posters to make me feel a bit better looking forwarding to leaving scotland and school to keep hoping for a better life and dream about those people having such a great time so one day i come home and all my posters are gone i thought my mum might of put them in her room for now but she told she binned them there was no point in keeping them i got the posters from magazines all the great ones but they were from 2 years ago so they meant alot to me but now i just fell like im not going to have that life ive always wanted i may be overreacting but i cant live with my family if they make me feel this way i hate my life more as i do now im hating my family i just want something good to happen to me for once

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