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My family makes me so angry.. My main reason of anger and sadness is them… I don’t want to be told that i should be happy to have a family because i’m not! They’re supposed to be there for me, support me, be the only people who can make me happy when i’m feeling like crap. they do NONE OF THAT. They make me feel like crap, and the most hurtful words anyone has ever told be, are by my family. Everyone in their different ways. I’m not saying this out of anger.. My mom is pretty much the only person who is there most of the times. Not all the times, sometimes when i need her the most, she seem to make everything worse. but i still love her i guess. But everyone else.. They are just people in my life making me miserable

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am really sorry. Family should be more supportive, and it can be hard to deal with things with a difficult family. As dumb as this advice is, it is the only thing I’ve got. And that is to love them the way that are, and accept them. Ignore them if they are rude, and that really is all you can do. Most importantly… learn from them. When you become a parent, do not do the things that made you upset as a child. Good Luck .xx

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