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It seems like when your gone my mind is clear, but when you are close I forget how to speak.. at least that’s how it use to be. Now I am a shell of emptiness, laying on this cold and unforgiving earth for my close and near end. You’ve taken all of me.. until nothing was left, till all that remained was air, cold burning air that consumes me. Do you feel the same ache in your chest? Ive seen you a thousand times, looked into your deep down eyes and wondered.. do you see my pain? My longing? Do you know that I was never another girl to you, i know, but do you? Must I make a fool of myself for you to see? Have you not noticed the emptiness inside of you, that empty feeling that cant be filled no matter how many love you? You know the warmth of my skin and I know yours. We long for each other but even so close we hide. Hide everything that was and is. I watch the memories like windows to the past. Relive your touch, your smile and your kiss. But darkness consumes those lighter days, for my dear Romeo we can never be the same. Soon your lips will clasp against that poison bottle, its venom running lines to your soul. With one last breath I will smell the bitter air of this earth and release myself to you. Good night dear Romeo

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