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Really. Sex is an element of this world. Love has been taken a ride and fell off to the way side. Sex has its purpose of creating a life regardless whether intended or not. Thats all. Nothing more. A person can love without it the same as a person can have sex and not think about commitment. I don’t like the act. It does nothing to make me feel secure. It offers no sense of belonging. It will not fill a need. It’s a waste of time. Reproduction? Sperm donors and wombs for incubators sure, go on and be done. It’s what happens in seconds after that excruciating life long scarring painful process that it caused that matters…what humans “feel in their hearts” towards others…not How it came to be. Anyone that can father or bear a child knows how it happens-big damn deal- but those who consider themselves Dads and Moms know why no need to elaborate or brag. SEX is an activity that occurs in even the lowest primitive form. Love is of the highest. Why attempt to ruin the sheer love of living a life free of pressure/guilt/shame/and intolerance for those that choose NOT to engage in it? Not again. Ever.

2 thoughts on “I HATE SEX…ITS NOT LOVE!

  1. Cory says:

    i really like this but i think the major diffrence between the 2 is that you do one because it makes us feel good some of us use it has kind of a drug because of how it makes us feel its a simple moment of relieved. Love on the other hand is well people make diffrent reason on why they love and what, but i think its to be truly happy with someone or something without any sort of need to do anything you just can simply sit or relax with the person you love doing nothing and you can be happy that is what i define has love.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel like love has to come before sex, yes. I never call it sex, I call it making love. Because when you have so many feelings for someone, you just want to be as close to them as humanly possible. And there is nothing better then connecting with a lover that way. Sex can change things, and alter feelings. And sometimes it can make us think we are in love, when we are actually just in love with the pleasure that sex gives us. But if we fall in love first, we know when the time is right to give ourselves away. Making love is one of the most beautiful things in my opinion. .xx

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