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You run across this page, which I doubt because you probably don’t even get on a computer, but anyhow, this is “the mother of your children” that you ignored while you were lost in your drunkin’ stupor and alcoholic haze for 18 years. All the kids have emotional issues, they all have their bouts with depression and a couple of them are struggling with excessive drinking and legal problems due to the fact that they get drunk and start to remember things that went on during their childhoods that I couldn’t prevent and that you couldn’t seem to control. Remember when you sat night after night at the kitchen table snapping open the tab after tab of your choice of winding down after work beverage and started your spill on the horrible way you had it when you and your brothers and sister had it? Oh, and remember the times when your Mother would come over and join you and then both of you would be back in the town you came from and slurring about who did what to whom and who didn’t do what for whom and on ocasion (more often than not) we’d get into it because you were so damn drunk you made me want to throw my guts up? You would go on your rant and rage and all the while the kids would be running around in the house until bed, if I could, or run out of the house if I couldn’t to get away from your mad as hell rampage. Remember what you used to tell them? “Tomorrows a better day”, you’d say. Well guess what Mister…Tomorrow was a better day the day I packed us up and left. Now 13 years later than the 18 miserable dark days back then, your family keeps your whereabouts in secret, and you know after you stopped visitation, moved women (10 years older than yourself in and out of the house, sold the house, and left the state, came back hid out and never try to see your kids, I don’t really give a damn about where you are or whether or not you’re even alive but I will tell you this…it’s pretty damn sad to see a 4 word comment on a son’s social network page in hopes somebody might see it and answer him…Like I said…I could care less about you and I kept from badmouthing you and making you out to be the worst kind of evil ever born on earth to them. Despite of what you believe, I did not turn them against you…You were the one who stopped coming to get them, We sat for hours waiting many, many,many,evenings in a vehicle. No show.No show.No show. Why the hell would anyone even think for a second that YOU might just happen to show up oneday to say something to them…like…uh…I miss you,how are you doing?…Yeah, when hell freezes over, the sky turns black and the moon falls from the sky…you are what you are…You haven’t changed a bit. But I don’t tell them that. I tell them about the times you gave them motorcycle rides,built things for them,our cook outs,and the toys you put together for them. They tell me about the visitations, the fishing trips, when you taught them to swim, and stuff like that. You are a worthless peice of crap, and I don’t understand why the hell you think you deserve the freedom of NEVER HAVING TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY. I did it though. You no good S.O.B. I did it WITHOUT YOU. Yeah like I said, a couple of them have been emotionally scarred moreso than the othe two…and every once in awhile I’ll feel alone, and sad, hurt and feeling the bruises, but I’m glad I never HAVE to look at your mean face and your gritted teeth and listen to your angry mouth EVER AGAIN!!! Go blame your Mother for your issues…I know where my kids get their problems and it’s not me. If you recall. I never drank. I still don’t. THANK GOD.

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