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i have nothing to say anymore.. i hate life.. i hate everything about it.. I’m blessed, i know.. I have somewhere to live, i have food to eat.. But i’d much rather be one of those kid who die because they have neither..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I dont think that you mean that. You are just angry about something. And i felt like this in days, and feel you. Just relax, and dont care to much, just have fun on your own. Be alone for some time. Me and my family is like a thin threat, i really dont appreacite what i have, neither do you. But just think, of you being a little african kid, with no family and no food. Just crying there and wishing that someone would come save you. You should be thankfull, we should be thankfull, everyone should. But the truth is that we just care what goes around us. Like if some boy dont like you back, you’ll hate everything, and everyone. We worried to much. And so do you, you have to relax, i dont know if you’ll understand my bad english, but i hope you’ll get the point in what im saying. And im i shouldn’ be talking, i hate my life too. Me and my sister is like fighting everyday, and she cant stop yelling, if someone was in her room, and whatever. My parents is divorced. And i feel like, i want another family, didn’t god bring you to life to injoy it? Im not feeling joy in my life, me and my parents and sister, dosen’t feel any joy, its like war in my house. And in school. I really dont have any friend, in class. Everyone is trying to avoid me. But i cant handle this. Im so tired, and then i found this webside, that i read in hours, i thought that people have bigger problems than me, that im not the only one, that haves these issuees, im not the only one who is alone in this world. God is with you. Even though you cant see him, he will listing to you, and be there for you.
    I’ll pray for you xx.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I feel like those who have more always want more and they are never quite satisfied with life. And it is pretty sad if you ask me. Don’t give up. Give back. Help others, and understand that there is so much you can do. This will bring you great joy in life. Realize that all the things you have you should not take for granted. .xx

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