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I’m 15. I live in a society that judges on what someone wears and who she hangs out with. It sucks.
My parents don’t appreciate me, calm and polite. I bring good marks in school, they want even more, they don’t care if I’m tired, they just want more.
My dad broke last year
My mom has constant depression, and addiction of smoking.
I write books, and publish too.
They don’t give a f..uck about that either.
They ask me a million questions when I want to hang out with someone, including the name of his/her grandfather.
I haven’t been in love for a while.
But I think now I’m with the weirdest, un-cool guy EVER.
and AGAIN I say, I can’t tell anyone even my Bffs my feelings toward him. They will laugh their ass off.
I really despise my life, the sick society I’m living in, and my parents ignorance and selfishness.
This really isn’t fair. I never get drunk, sleep around, wear slutty cloth, or anything of that kind EVER.
And I don’t want a first. Why do my parents make me feel I’m worthless? That is a thing I really wish to know.

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