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Dear, who I wish could hear this.

There is so much i wish to tell you, But I know i never can. It would ruin so many things, that i have no right ruining. I have thought about telling so many times But there is so many different ways everything can go wrong.There is Absolutely no way things can turn out okay in the end. I know it can never work, so why can’t I stop the feelings? Is there something wrong with me that they always come back? One thing I know for certain is that these feeling are no where close to mural. I know you could never want me. Its not as depressing as it sounds, its just simply imposable for you to ever feel that way for me. I know your personality so well that I would know that you are to kind and to caring to every hurt someone else feelings. So even if you could feel this way i know you would never allow your self to continue to feel that way. But i truly don’t think you like me. Possible you don’t even like me as a friend. either A. you are just to kind to stop talking to me or B. you have no choice but to befriend me because I’m Dating your brother. I wish I could tell you everything but I can and never will be able. Its best for you, it will make you happier so in the end I Just have to let you go and just dream of showing my feelings.

<3 Alway behind you.

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