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i love this guy buti know that i cant do something about it because of my weigh and any other reasons. im madly inlove with this boy, he was in my class last year, but he got suspended, but whatever. hes the most sweetheart thing in the World. and i told my bestfriend that i likes him, and she lauged, and i asked why’d you laugh? and she said that he’ll date an obese girl. “no offense” she said, it really bad. it was the most cruel thing i’ve ever heard her say to me about my weigh. and i cryed i days. i cant be myself or people judge me. and i cant handle it, im so easy to fall and break. just because of my weigh no boys, and i mean NO boys ever talk to me. i feel like trash. Sometimes i feel used and unwanted im afraid that i wont find my true lover because of my weigh

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    theres a quote that says that youll regret the things that you dont say. youll regret 100% of the shots you dont take. If he rejects you because of your appearance, hes shallow and he doesn’t deserve you.

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