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I looked all over the Internet for this and I could find something like my experience but its not the same. It all started two summers ago. I fainted when I was riding my horse. Lucky my trainer was there so I didn’t fall off my horse. When I passed out I had a series of dreams that went all at once, most of them were about nature and only lasted for a spilt second. Some of the dreams would be about a bee pollinating a flower, a rock going down a hill, wind going through a forest, and ect. When I woke up I felt like a different person as if something changed inside of me. I don’t remember any of this but my trainer told me as soon as I woke up I cried and screamed. Then I got up, and fell down and started to seizer. My mom told me not to worry and to just forget about it. We didn’t go to the hospital because both of my parents agreed that I was fine and I looked healthy. About three mounts later when school started I would fall asleep in my bed like a normal person, but on a rare occurrence I would wake in the middle of the night and hear this loud high pitch buzzing noise along with with voices. ( it’s kind like a party in my room where you heard bits and pieces of words and its really loud) then I would feel like I’m floating outside my body. I would try to scream but it never works. Then it stops all of a sudden and I can move again. It’s a really scary experience and it always hurts my ears when this happens. Another weird thing is that sometimes I have dream about the future. They are little things in the day and I don’t remember them until it actually happens. I can also feel other people’s feelings, it’s hard to explain but if I’m talking to someone and they get upset I feel this force on me saying that they are mad. The last thing which freaks me out the most is that I keep seeing two girls in my school hallway that I’ve never met before. It only happens when no one else is in the hallway and I would see them from the comer of my eye. If I turn my head and actually look no one would be there. Normally I wouldn’t talk about this to strangers online but I can’t go to my parents about this because they would think I’m crazy. One of the most scariest experiences that I had was yesterday when I had a dream that my grandpa passed away he’s still alive but on the night when I had the dream he checked into the hospital. Can someone help me? I’m very confused and need some help as to what is going on.

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  1. lliveon says:

    well my first thought would be that it is lucid dreaming where you can’t move, but you can control your dreams and it feels really real, gamers can be good lucid dreams because of the imagination aspect that they can have. But then seeing things,, it may be because of a drug that you took,, or a medicine that you are taking, it may be like an extreme side effect. Also I would recommend you see a doctor and also maybe a therapist to help you through this experience or if not a therapist then a good close friend of yours it’s not good to go through problems alone.

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