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They just went right down the road, not even a quarter mile. I still want to cry though, I want to, for once rub it in His face that she would choose me. It hasn’t happened yet, and I had a nightmare last night, she was pissed off at me. Choosing the little one over me, again. I’m so sick of nobody realizing that I need somebody sometimes. I may be mature, but that is no reason to forget me, sometimes I feel like you do, maybe you don’t realize it, maybe you don’t care, or maybe you just brush it off. Hearing your muffled laughter from behind these walls hurts me, but feeling forgotten while in the same room is beyond painful, and I won’t have it.

One thought on “Maybe I think too much.

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are right.. i am on your side. i face the same.

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