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AAAAHHHH! I’m soo confused right now! So I’ve had this crush for about the past two years and not one syllable has been exchanged between the two of us. Not to mention he is super cute and the perfect height for me. The thing is I know he knows that I exist, but I don’t know if he likes me. And I don’t have a facebook or an instragram yet cuz of my over protective parents (btw I’m way old enough to have them) so it’s not like we can communicate via the internet. It gets worse. Today while having an inner conversation with myself (yes, I do that, nothing is wrong with me) I realized that I have a developing crush on another guy in the same grade and everything! He also is the perfect height for me, he’s not as ute as the other guy, but he is attractive, and i’ve heard really positive things about him. Apparently he’s funny and super sweet. I’ve never talked to this guy either, and get this, I have reason to beleive he likes me too! ARG! I just don’t know what to do. My options are: go with 9.5 whom you’ve heard nothing about but seems nice from the outside, is popular, and your height! or go with the 7.5/8ish whom everyone says is funny, nice, and sweet, might possible like you bc of other reasons, and is only slightly shorter than you. HELP! btw I need a date to a dance @ the end of April! How do I begin to even talk to these guys? I see them once a week for less than 20min. If you read all of this thank you so much!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I did read your whole thing, personally, being the 7.5/8ish kinda guy, I say go for him, good guys deserve a break and it is rarely the hotter ones that will treat you nicely. Dunno if its just cos im not having the best luck with love at the mo but I say go for it with the nice guy. 100%. Just make sure he didn’t go out with your sister or anything, thats never good

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