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His work, family, and school and my work, family and school, keep us away from each other 4.5 days of the week.
I can handle it.
But its hard.
I recently started working all day on saturdays. So now the 2 and and half days I would get with him… have turned into 1 day fully and a couple of hours.
And.. its not enough.
I could handle the mon-fridays without seeing him. It was hard, but I could do it.
And now I get sunday and some of friday night and its not… enough.
He doesnt text me a lot during the week. Hes not a big texter in general. So on average i get 2 texts a day… if Im lucky 3.
And if I get a call from him during the weekdays… its always the same. Hes upset that Im upset. He tells me to be strong. He tells me that it wont always be this way. That the only thing hes working for is for our future.
I believe him
But its becoming so much harder.
Its almost as if Im in a long distance relationship..
Only … Im not. and in some aspects its worse… simply because Hes so close… but I cant see him.

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