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Posted by on 2013/03/02 under Uncategorized

This guy I know, he is f***ing HOT. He wants to date me but thats not going to happen because 1. I just got out of a very serious relationship 2. I don’t want to date 3. He is a cheater. I have known him for as long as my ex boyfriend. I know he cheats there is no way he isn’t a cheat please i helped him cheat a couple of times. He says he has different feelings about me. Meaning he actually likes me. He says he loves me all the time. I say it back because he is a good person other than the cheating. He wants me to date him so bad but when I’m ready to date should I get with him? I don’t mind open relationships, I do like sex, so would that work?

4 thoughts on “Insane: He is a cheater :)

  1. Anonymous says:

    dont date someone because of their looks. He sounds like a jerk in my head. And if you date him, and hes cheating on you. What you gonna do? He’s not a “boyfriend type” Like a one night stand. It would be stupid of you date a loser.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well he does not seem like the best guy. Maybe he is hot… but that is not all that matters. Sex to me is just as important. I feel like sex is more amazing when you love someone. I like to call it “making love” more. Try and find a guy who you love everything about and I promise things will go better for you. I think you might just like the idea of him. Good Luck. Do what is best .xx

  3. Your special friend says:

    Please don’t date jerks, it will just encourage nice guys to turn into jerks. In the long run (when you finally grow up), having one nice guy is waaaaay better than having ten one night stands with swag and yolo jerks. Trust me.

  4. insane says:

    thanx for the advice

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