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I have come to the conclusion most of the people here need a reality check.

Wake up people, the world doesnt revolve around you and your petty nonsense.

“A boy doesn’t like me” – oh well, we dont always get what we want.
“I think a boy likes me but i dont know” – ask him, the worst he can do is say, no.
“My friends are talking behind my back” – get new friends, or dont, its human nature to do this, and believe me, you wont stay friends with most of them when you get out of high school anyhow
“Im depressed” – seek professional help. Seriously, depression is not something you need to live with.
“My parents are too hard on me/mean/wont give me…” – suck it up, you only have to live with them til you are 18 or so, so deal with it while you have to, and use the frustration to fuel your plans of independence, get a part time job NOW, so you can save for the bond in your own rental place or the deposit on a house.
“My parents wont buy me X” – get a job, buy it yourself, you self-entitled little s***.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry you feel this way. I on the other hand love this website and it has saved me in a lot of ways. When I really do need help or advice, I like to ask strangers. Sometimes I get afraid of asking for help with people I know because they judge too quickly. Sometimes it is harder for us introverts to ask a boy whether or not he likes us. We have self esteem issues, and need a little guidance from an online anonymous friend. And it hurts when people talk behind our backs it really does. Makes us feel worthless and we are not strong enough to get back up. Depression is a controversial topic, but my personal opinion is that sometimes people get so sad that they are too scared to ask for help. It is not something they live with, it is something that lives with them. And inside them. When people are suicidal and write on here that they need help, I will do everything in my power to help them. I want to be that voice, that unknown hope that they need. I would rather have people let their feelings out on here instead of hurting themselves or letting emotions out with violence. Not trying to hate on you, this website just might not be your thing. But for some people, it works as a way to just let it out. A personal little diary to share thoughts and emotions with others. Good luck and I wish you the best life has to offer .xx

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