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today is February 25th 2013 well Nicole is at cliff and I am trying to keep her like I tried with every body else but their is something deeper wrong with Nicole somewhere something is going so good with her like she does not want to be disturb at all or she is tired of something and she is acting out it is sad cause Nicole was like my one okay friend shall I say person I chilled with any way everybody always want me to understand everybodies filling and show respect but when I say that person hurt me they say so we don’t care wow lol yet that’s so freaking hurt full to have to care and respect every one’s filling which I do until they cross me always love you but your on a level I prefer to stay to my self and Nicole don’t even need a gun she knows how to fight forreal so I don’t know why she any way while I thinking of her family now like if she turned like this wow how her family is filling forreal wow the point is no friendship should hurt you or your filling or make you sad for any reason well kisses happy day happyday

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Today is the day i mourn the death of the english language. FILLING is something you put inside something else, the act of making something full…for instance a pie filling.

    It worries me that people cannot understand the difference between a FEELING and a FILLING.

    Please learn some basic english.

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