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I feel so different from everyone else.
– I’m painfully shy
– I don’t really have any genuine friends
– I listen to different music then everyone else
– People always call me weird and are always putting me down
– I perfer to be in my own company
– I’m so nervous of everything

I used to be alright until i was 13 when i got bullied and had to change schools it was 5 nearly 6 years ago now but it has ruined my life. I get nervous about leaving my house, almost like i have to always watch my back.

I’m shy, find it difficult to have a convosation with people i don’t know and like my own company and i’m fed up of people poking at my to speak. Why can’t they understand that some people just like to listen?.

After changing schools i met some good friends but we all went our seperate ways and catch up on the rare occausion. My so called best friend secretly doesn’t understand me. I Guess we a just to different.

Then i fell in love for the time but i didn’t last. I know the real reason he cheated and left me was because im too diferent. It’s been over a year. I try to pretend i hate him but i still love him deeply.

I feel so trapped in my life all i do i work and come home and stay in bed and go out with my mum and dad. All i want is someone like me who understands me just one genuine friend. Many would say why not go out and meet new people but it’s not as easy when you are a nervous wreck.

I hate how i keep dipping in and out of deep,dark depression. I hate how i burst into tears so easily.

I often think of ending my life not because i want to die but because i can’t carry on living this life.
I see life like a cinema. Some enjoy the movie and watch till the end, some think it’s so-so and carry one watching and some just can’t take it and leave.

One thought on “Can’t explain how i feel :(

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is ok to be different. Love yourself for who you are and you will find people who do too. Life gets better. there is so much more to school. Just because you are unique does not mean your entire life is going to be like it is at school. I promise that things will get better if you stay true to who you are. Life is like the movies, sit back and relax and realize that it really is fun if you look at the big picture .xx

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