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When you first moved in with me i didn’t like you that much. To be honest you were so rude at work to me, well not just me but so many other people; but soon after you moved in and i guess i might contribute this to proximity or maybe its just because i got to know you a bit better, feelings started to develop. I wish they hadn’t but sometimes you cant help these things.
I tried so hard i guess to make your stay with me comfortable but at the same time i also wanted to show you what kind of man i could be for you. What i thought every girl wants or what they deserve. I don’t really make a whole lot of money and well i wasn’t exactly the best with my words at times, well a lot of the time. Still though, I did the best i could with what i had.
Something changed though in our relationship as a friend, as hard as i tried it seemed like you were not responding to anything i did. So i took the hint and started to date someone else to just ease things for my own troubled mind. I always thought to myself whats wrong with me. Why cant i ever find someone decent. I guess that’s kinda where you came in, or so i thought.
I would hate to ruin a valued friendship but actually telling you this to your face, hence why i write anonymously. I will admit I am a broken man, i have been hurt so many times by so many people and one in particular hurt really bad, Its poisoned my mind so bad that my days are filled with anger, sadness and just all around F***ING PAIN. its not just the mind or the muscles but the heart hurts worst of all. Since things have gotten bad i have just been left with a void. when you came into my life you filled a small part of that.
I was soon to realize you did not feel the same way, now I’m not saying i was in love or anything crazy like that, but i did entertain the idea very much, and to me it seemed quite appealing. Things i should have done better, we never should have shared a bed together. furthermore i shouldn’t have put so much out there, the flowers, and candy all that romantic bulls*** shouldn’t have happened for someone living with me. Things you should have done better, I really wish you would have done your part to make things clear instead of stepping around worrying you were going to hurt my feelings. Honesty like most people is the most important gift and show of respect you can give someone. You should have moved from my bed, Stop letting me do things for you, it has caused great stress on our friend relationship because of how i feel. on top of that even giving me the slightest notion you were interested was not Ok.
So my dear friend who i honestly do value so much, to be honest i don’t even think you realized you were doing these things. Be more aware. The same mistakes keep happening not only because of the people you surround yourself with but the way you present yourself with other people. I do love you as a friend with all my heart, and i would do most anything to see you smile because that just who i am. but i deserve better.

My dear friend bailey

One thought on “My Dear Friend

  1. Anonymous says:

    Somthin like this happend to me b4 to, nd I ended up loosing 1 of the best friends I ever had. Be carful man, their will be other women to be romantic with, dont wanna loose someone just becuz you let ur feelings get in the way. If she told you she wanted to date u nd be w u that’s on thing, if she was just close 2 u, thats another. I took advantage of it, and not a day goes bye tht I dnt regret doin that.

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